Life is the fragrance of jasmine on a spring breeze – Sadhguru.

Welcome to Psychic Riviera, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. I am a Freelance Lifestyle Blogger, Content Creator and Reviewer. I have poured my thoughts, experiences and inspirations in my site.

Writing articles on people and places did not come to me naturally although I have written contents for training materials, product and service descriptions and marketing brochures throughout my career. Whenever I set about penning my random musings, I drew blank until I chanced upon a work of fiction written by a bestselling author which shattered my inhibitions in a twisted way. Suffice it to say, it made me realize that great writers have bad work-days too and can be crazed enough to publish or post the works they created on such days! And what’s more, people read them too.

That got me started and I have since then been creating content inspired by situations and people I have encountered in my life so far. And while being at it, I have begun to dabble on a theme that is close to my heart – review of books, stories and narratives that have had such tremendous influence over me that some of those famed characters continue to live in my mindscape, motivating me along the way.

Ergo, inspiration can come from anywhere and in any form. Hence, let your thoughts gleam and explore my site; perhaps Psychic Riviera will ignite your own passions as well.



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